Thursday, January 22, 2009

Romance in a Recession?

Did you know that one in three people actually credit the recession with improving their romantic relationship? According to's new Romance in a Recession poll, bank accounts may be running on empty, but many hearts are full!

The Romance in a Recession poll, sponsored by Caesars Pocono Resorts and administered to 191 men and 209 women, (95 +/– 5%) from January 7-9, 2009, asked couples how the difficult economic conditions have impacted their romantic relationships.

The poll discovered that...
  • 69 percent of people were satisfied with their relationship over the past year despite economic concerns

  • One out of three people feel that financial constraints have brought them and their partner closer together
    “As a couple, we have confronted a lot of difficult problems over the past year and we feel it has made us closer.”

Fund-Friendly (and Frisky too!)

  • Nearly 20 percent of people feel that their sex lives have improved as a result of the economy
    “Our money concerns have made us closer, more loyal to each other and more supportive—mentally, physically and emotionally.”

  • Over half of all couples are spending more quality time together due to financial constraints “We go out to eat less often and we now enjoy special homemade romantic meals.”

  • 43 percent agree that they are spending more intimate time together

More woes = More wooing

  • 60 percent of people agree that financial limitations have not led to increased conflict
    “As a couple, we have confronted a lot of hard problems over the last year and that made us closer to each other.”

  • 34 percent of respondents claim that over the past year, they haven’t argued with their partner about finances
    “When my husband and I lost our jobs, we had to learn to really communicate with each other to figure out what to do next.”

  • 46 percent of people agree that financial concerns won’t prevent them from taking the next step in the relationship
    “I live on a fixed income but still managed to buy her an engagement ring. It expressed my loyalty, devotion and love for her.”

Worth Every Penny

  • 58 percent plan to spend the same amount or more on Valentine’s Day gifts this year

  • 77 percent feel that when it comes to gifts, the thought behind it is more important than the price tag

  • 80 percent agree that an expensive gift cannot make up for a problem or big fight

How can you and your sweetie weather any storm? Team up to battle budgets together and get creative with your quality couple time.

Also, check out the tips below for some fun (and finance-friendly) ideas...

1. Talk is Cheap (Literally!)
You and your partner are you and your partner for a reason—you enjoy each other’s company! Take some time to chat about silly stuff—bad reality TV or a forwarded email joke—no business. Or, reminisce about experiences you’ve shared when things may have been a little more carefree. Remembering the roots of your relationship will help you weather any storm.

2. For Just Pennies a Day…
Just because bank accounts are a little on the light side these days doesn’t mean your piggy bank has to be. Try collecting change to save up for a big purchase both you and your partner will enjoy. A quarter here and a nickel there can add up to a romantic getaway over time. Post a picture of your ideal destination over your coin container for added incentive.

3. The Best Things in Life Are Free
You just have to look for them! Scour the paper and surprise your sweetie with a trip to a free local museum or art gallery. Plan a night out around a community concert or complimentary movie showing. Broaden your date horizons and try something new together. And, you’d be surprised how much fun you can have at a park or on a playground!

4. Dig for Buried Treasure
A.K.A—photos of your first date, the mix CD your partner gave you for your first holiday together and the big goofy stuffed dog they won at the local fair. Spend a day with your partner sorting through all that you two have accumulated over the years. It’s a great way to organize your space and relive the special moments that you first shared as a couple.

5. Sunday Splurge
Even the most cost-conscious of couples deserves a special treat every now and then. Has Starbuck’s been banned? One day a week, enjoy a guilt free grande-non-fat-half-caff-latte with the one you love!

6. Potluck Picnic
If your food supply starts to look a little scarce toward the end of the week, plan an outing for you and your partner with the random sustenance you have around. Get creative and combine what you have in your fridge to make a romantic and quirky meal and head out to a local scenic spot. You can share a peanut butter sandwich and watch the sun set.

7. Let’s Get Physical
Who says that you need to spend a ton of money each month on pricey gym memberships? Grab your partner and get moving instead! Walking or biking is a great way to spend time with the one you love and get healthier in the process. Exercising produces endorphins that will help energize you and make you happy…plus, sweating together is sexy.

8. How Do I Love Thee? Let me Count the Ways…
Head over to your local library with your partner and pick out a few books you’re each interested in. They can be biographies, poetry, fairy tales, mysteries or even favorite children’s books. Spend an hour each day reading aloud to each other—it’s a great excuse to cuddle up close and learn more about your partner’s interests.

9. Residential Relaxation
Why not turn your house into a relaxing at home spa? Simple household ingredients can be used as bath salts, body scrubs and massage oils. Not to mention that your partner might be more open to pampering in the comfort of his or her own home. Take turns treating each other like royalty with sensuous massages and by the end, you’re both sure to be glowing.

10. It’s the Thought that Counts
Remember that gifts don’t have to be expensive to make a heartfelt impact. Take your partner on a tour of the places that have played an important part in your relationship. Paint a picture of your favorite memory with your mate. Make a construction paper card with a list of adjectives that remind you of them. Creative gifts capture your true emotion in a way that generic jewelry and cuff links can’t.


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